Camp Saltstraumen Elvegård

  • camp saltstraumen Elvegård
  • camp saltstraumen Elvegård
  • camp saltstraumen Elvegård
  • camp saltstraumen Elvegård
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  • Silje Lindberg

Camp Saltstraumen Elvegård is located by the world's strongest maelstrom - Saltstraumen. Here you can spend the night in quiet and peaceful surroundings. Saltstraumen is also a good starting point if you want to take trips to Bodø, Kjerringøy or Gildeskål in the south.

Camp Saltstraumen offers accommodation in small and large cabins. The smallest units are without water, while the largest are spacious and have all amenities.

There is plenty of space for motorhomes and caravans. There are also opportunities for tents.

At the campsite there is a kiosk and simple food service. It is 700 meters to the nearest shop.

Saltstraumen - the world's strongest tidal current.

Saltstraumen, the world's strongest tidal current, occurs every 6 hours when water masses (salt water) of close to 400 million m3 pass at a speed of up to 20 knots through the 3 km long and 150 m wide strait between Saltfjorden and Skjerstadfjorden.

At the same time, current vortices (boilers) are formed that can grow up to 10 m in diameter with a depth of 4-5 m. March is the month with the largest tidal difference and the current is then at its strongest, the strongest is when there is a full moon.

Saltstraumen is a world-famous fishing paradise for deep-sea fishing with rich deposits of e.g. saithe, cod, catfish and halibut.

The time when the current is at its strongest varies, see the tide table so you get the best experience.

Activities in and around Salstraumen:

Starting from Camp Salstraumen Elvegård, you can have an active and eventful holiday. Hiking in Børvasstindan, diving, snorkeling in Saltstraumen, sea eagle watching at the campsite or elk safari. At Saltstraumen there is an ancient monument path that shows traces of settlement 10,000 years back in time.