Unique accommodation from Steinkjer to Lovund

Lovund Hotell

This route takes you from Steinkjer to Lovund. From here you can choose to travel further north along Kystriksveien. This package present you with more unique accommodation than tradistional hotels.

The package includes:

  • 6 overnight stays with breakfast.
  • Five-course dinner at Hildur's Urterarium.
  • Complete tour description from us in Kystriksveien Reiseliv.

Day 1. The stage goes from Steinkjer (possibly Trondheim/Værnes) to Namdalseid. Accommodation at Lensmannsgården.

Day 2. From Namdalseid to Brønnøysund. Overnight at Hildur's Urterarium, just north of Brønnøysund. Here you will be served a five-course dinner in the evening.

Day 3. From Brønnøysund to Vega. Accommodation at Vega Havhotell. Five-course dinner is included this night.

Day 4. From Vega to Dønna. Accommodation at Dønnes Gård.

Day 5. From Dønna to Lovund. Accommodation at Lovund Hotel. You will stay here for two nights.

Day 6. Explore Lovund and/or day trip to Træna. Overnight at Lovund Hotel.


Per person in a double room NOK 7 485

Single room addition NOK 7150.


You will experience this along the way

The first stop is Lensmannsgården in Namdalseid, just a half-hour drive from Steinkjer. The rooms are individually decorated and adorned with artworks from various artists, with shared bathrooms. Aptly named a creative oasis, Lensmannsgården juggles as an art studio, café, gallery, and accommodation. Enjoy a delightful dinner on-site, but remember to make prior arrangements.

Lensmannsgården i Namdalseid

The next day, you'll proceed to Brønnøysund. You can choose to travel "straight ahead" or take a slightly longer route to visit the coastal town of Rørvik and/or the island of Leka. Upon arrival at Hildurs Urterarium outside Brønnøysund, you'll be served a 5-course dinner before spending the night here.


The day after, you can visit downtown Brønnøysund or head out to Torghatten to witness the unique geological phenomenon up close. The journey then continues to the World Heritage island of Vega, where you'll spend the night at Vega Havhotell. While on Vega, you might want to visit the Vega World Heritage Centre and hike the popular Vegatrappa.

Turgåere på vei opp Vegatrappa

The journey continues to Dønna, offering a variety of activities and attractions along the way. Passing through Herøy, don't miss the wonderful flower shop and the stunning view of De Syv Søstre (the seven sisters) mountains. Enjoy your stay at Dønnes Gård at the northern end of the island, including a guided tour of Dønnes Church and a hike up Dønnesfjellet.

Fjellrekken De Syv Søstre sett fra Herøy

The journey concludes at Lovund. Here, you will spend two nights at Lovund Hotel and experience the island's beautiful nature and daily life.

Lovund is a great starting point for continuing the journey northward. We're happy to assist with planning the onward route.

Have questions? Send an email to post@kystriksveien.no or call +47 74401717.

Tær i midnattsol på Lovund Hotell