Boat trips on the coast of Helgeland

Join us aboard Opus One for an enriching voyage along the Helgeland coast! On this unique round trip, we will explore the gems of Lovund, Træna, Myken, Dønna before concluding at the iconic Torghatten. We take our time to get to know these exciting island communities along the way. You'll discover Træna's connection to Hawaii, have the opportunity to taste Arctic whisky at Myken, enjoy organic chocolate on Dønna, and perhaps see puffins while strolling in the beautiful surroundings of Lovund. Not to mention, you'll be served delicious dinners at Lovund Hotel and at Torghatten Beach Restaurant!

We are running two tours this summer. The only difference in content is that on the first tour in June, we visit the eiderdown village of Lånan, which is a central part of the Vega World Heritage Site. On the tour in August, we stop by the World Heritage Center on Vega.

The tour departs from Brønnøysund on Monday, June 24th, and returns on Saturday, June 29th, in the morning to the same location. This tour is the only one of its kind and includes a visit to the eiderdown village Lånan.

Price: NOK 28,900 per person in double occupancy.

This tour is sold out! If you would like to be put on a waiting list or want information about any new tours, please email

From August 5th to August 10th, you can join a similar round trip starting and ending in Brønnøysund. On this tour, we visit the World Heritage Center on Vega instead of the eiderdown village Lånan.

Price: NOK 27,950 per person in double occupancy.