KystriksveienTravel Guide

It can be challenging to plan a journey along Kystriksveien. The possibilities are many; there are plenty of exciting detours and lesser-known gems along the way. Not least, you should plan the stages starting from ferries, speedboats and possibly other public transport. If you want some help on the road, you can use our annual travel guide for the Kystriksveien.

Our annual travel guide is a handy little thing. It is useful to bring with you on a trip along Kystriksveien, and not least when you are planning your trip. The travel guide is financed by the businesses along Kystriksveien, and you will find contact information for accommodation, restaurants and places offering experiences.

You can read it online as a pdf, (german edition here) order it in a travel shop, or pick it up at selected locations between Steinkjer and Bodø. The travel guide is free, but shipping is added when you order in the online store.