Tourist information Kystriksveien - the coastal road

Kystriksveien information centre in Steinkjer will provide you with brochures, maps and travel guides related to the scenic road Kystriksveien.

Kystriksveien Info-Centre is located in Steinkjer just near E6, right across the street from the Amfi shopping centre. Here you can pick up free brochures for your trip and you can purchase relevant maps and books.

Opening hours for Kystriksveien Info-Centre

Mon - Fri: 9 am - 4 pm.


Contact information

Kystriksveien Info - Center
Postal box 91, Sørsileiret
7701 Steinkjer, Norway
(Office address, Sjøfartsgata 2A, 7714 Steinkjer, Norway).

Tel: +47 74 40 17 17


kystriksveien info-center interior