Nevernes Havn

  • Nevernes Havn
  • Olav Breen
  • Nevernes Havn
  • Olav Breen
  • Olav Breen

Nevernes Havn - Centre for coastal culture in Helgeland.

A multicentre presenting local traditions within agriculture and fishing trades. Situated in beautiful surroundings at Nevernes in Nordland County.

Nevernes Harbor in Velfjord in Brønnøy municipality is a cultural treasure chest! Through extensive exhibitions of objects from the 18th century to the present day, the story of the coastal people on Helgeland in times of peace and war is told.

The Art Gallery - Summer Exhibition
Presentation of various painters, sculptures, textiles, glass, ceramics etc.

Brattåshuset,the building is from approx. 1850 with fixtures and fittings in metal and wood, 1850-1990.

Local fishing boats and fishing gear.

Lomsdalen Information Center
Exhibition, Lomsdalen National Park. Objects and multimedia presentations.

Nævernes Gaard
1st floor War Museum: Exhibition of effects from World War II such as uniforms, medals, weapons, literature, etc.

2nd floor Banquet room: Very special room for rent.

New hiking trail

The National Park Board for Lomsdal-Visten National Park has set up a lookout tower at Nevernes for a lookout towards the National Park.

From the parking lot at Nævernes Gaard, a hiking trail has been made down to the sea and to this viewpoint. The path is approx. 500 meters long, where the first part goes on a prepared gravel road, while the last towards the sea is a forest path. Along the road, various sculptures and a seating area have been set up.

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