Dønna Museum

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  • Helgeland museum
  • Helgeland museum

Nordvika old trade post is located on the island Dønna along the coast of Helgeland, and represents one of the old North Norwegian trading places. In its time Nordvika had both a shop, an inn, post office and a telegraph. When trading was at its most affluent in the 1880s, there where 16 buildings on site.

Nordvika old trading post is a department of Helgeland Museum. The 35-meter long main house was begun in the early 1700s and is now open to the public. In the living room, where the wallpaper is decorated with real gold, one can enjoy coffee and freshly prepared waffles. The general store is selling locally produced crafts, old fashioned candy and more. 

The museum is located just north of Solfjellsjøen (centre of Dønna) along road 809.

Also visit Herøy Museum just a 35 min drive on Herøy. 

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