7 days bike trip in the Svartisen area

Join us on an adventurous bike ride in the northern part of the coastal road, here referred to as the Svartisen area. This tour lasts seven days, and starts and ends in Bodø. With the exception of the last two days, where you return to Bodø, it is equal to the 5-day cycle tour.

For seven days you are close to the mighty nature in Bodø and Meløy. Here you can explore the wonderful mountain Glomfjellet, join a glacier hike on Svartisen or a summit hike to Rødøyløva. At the end of the tour, you get to experience Saltstraumen, which is the world's strongest whirlpool.

You cycle on your own, without a guide, but your luggage is transported for you. Meløy Adventure is your local host that arranges the experiences you want to participate in. On this tour, our partner is Opplev Nord AS in Bodø, which, among other things, ensures the delivery of quality bicycles.

If you have any questions, you can contact us at post@kystriksveien.no or call +47 74 40 17 17.

Oversiktsbilde over Glomfjord
Syklister foran Glomfjord Kraftverk
Foto: Carl Filip Olsson

Day 1. Thursday. Bodø – Glomfjord

In the afternoon you depart from Bodø by express boat at 16.15. The boat calls at several places, including the island of Støtt, before arriving in Ørnes at 17.45. Here you will be handed the bike, which is equipped with bags and everything you need for the bike ride (hose, tool kit, etc.). Your luggage will be transported from here to Glomfjord.

The tour's first cycling leg goes from Ørnes to Glomfjord (20 km), along Kystriksveien (Fv17).

You check in at Gulbrakka, an accommodation located in the heart of Glomfjorden. Accommodation in a double room. The rooms are newly refurbished, but without a private bathroom/wc. There is a shared living room, kitchen and sauna. Outside there is a hammock where you can relax after the day's chores.

There are several possibilities for shorter excursions by bicycle. For example, to the old power plant in the heart of the Glomfjorden, known from Operation Muskedunder (sabotage action during the Second World War). Or you can cycle to the center of Glomfjord to see the old industrial site, which at the beginning of the last century was planned to become a larger city.

In the evening, a simple dinner is eaten and there will be a short briefing on the next day's experiences.

Storglomvassammen med bil i forgrunnen
Syklist på Glomfjellet

Day 2. Friday. Hiking and the possibility of a kayak trip

This day is set aside to visit Glomfjellet. The cycle ride itself is 24 km with some climbing.

At the top you will travel pass the world's largest stone-filled dam, Glomvassdammen. It is an enormous construction that testifies to the large power development in this area. At the same time, this is a scenic area and the gateway to two national parks. Glomfjellet is wonderful to hike, and you can follow one of the marked trails on a shorter or longer trip. A local guide is with you on the bike trip up to Glomfjellet. If you want to extend the trip with a hike into the mountains, you do this on your own.

In the afternoon/evening you can join a kayak trip just below Gulbrakka. The trip lasts 2 hours and can be ordered as an addition to the package. You do not need a wet card to take part in this trip, which is led by a skilled guide. Along the way, you will get some storytelling about the Glomfjord industrial site.

In the evening, dinner is served at Gulbrakka. You yourself join in the cooking. The raw materials are already in place.

Skyssbåten Isprins over til Svartisen
Foto: Reinhard Pantke
Turgåere til Svartisen
Foto: Andres Duran

Day 3. Saturday. Visit Svartisen and a journey back in time 

You will be transported by minibus to Holandsvika, where we will board MS Isprins and be transported over to Svartisen. The crossing is just ten minutes and is a great experience in itself.

On this day, you can choose for yourself whether you want to join the glacier hike (extra charge) or just use the time to hike on your own up to the ice and around the area. Cafe Brestua is located on the walk from the quay to the glacier and is a good starting point for various walking tours.

The glacier hiking on Svartisen is with a guide. This is a relatively undemanding trip at a slow pace, so most people can complete it. If desired, simple climbing can be included on the ice. Normally the trip is about 8 hours, including 2-3 hours on the ice.

We return from Svartisen early in the evening and visit Myrvoll Kulturgård where we have dinner. A visit here is like traveling 100 years back in time. There is also an art gallery on the farm. From here you leave with low shoulders.

Return to Gulbrakka, where there will be opportunities for a sauna for those who want it.

Utsikt fra Rødøyløva
Turgåere på vei opp Rødøyløva

Alternative trip:

Rødøya with RIB:

Alternative trip this day is with RIB to Rødøya. Here you can choose to hike to the top and take in the spectacular view from Rødøyløva. Perhaps the finest vantage point on the coast of Helgeland.

Departure from Ørnes at 10.00, where you will be given a warm flotation suit and life jacket for the RIB trip. A bag with some drinks, snacks, a warm midlayer and a windproof jacket is recommended.

The boat trip itself is calculated to be around 50 minutes each way.

When you arrive on Rødøya, the boat driver will advice you about what to bring with you in the five hours you have available.

The newly built sherpa staircase takes you up to the top at 443 masl. From here you can see almost the entire Helgeland coast, the plateau of the glacier, and if the weather is clear you might see the Lofoten Wall.

Feel free to book a lunch at Klokkergården before the return.

Syklister i Glomfjord
Foto: Carl Filip Olsson
Midnattssol ved Ureddplassen mellom Meløy og Gildeskål

Day 4. Sunday. Glomfjord – Vassdalsvik – Ørnes 

This day there will be a longer bike ride of 48 km. The day begins with you being transported by car through the Svartis tunnel (cycling is prohibited there). You cycle along the Holand fjord almost to Halsa. Here you turn off and cycle Fv 452 towards Vassdalsvik, where you take the ferry to Ørnes.

The trip is hilly. You cycle along both the Holand fjord and the Bjærang fjord, and along the way you get a great view of the Svartisen glacier .

There are a few detour opportunities along the way. Perhaps you would like a ferry trip over to Ågskardet to have lunch at Råkkhuset - a proper American diner. You may also extend the cycle trip by taking a detour towards Grønnøy and Åmnøy.

On this last evening, you will spend the night at Ørnes hotel, which is located close to the express boat quay.

If you would like to do more cycling this day, you can take a cycle ride north along Kystriksveien (Fv17). The road is flat, and you ride along the sea the entire way. On the border between Meløy and Gildeskål you will pass the rest area Ureddplassen. This is a great place to see the midnight sun. The trip is 26 km round trip.

Day 5. Monday. Ørnes – Inndyr 

The cycling stage this day goes from Ørnes to Inndyr in Gildeskål. A stage of 42 km where the first part of the trip, to Storvik, runs along the sea and is fairly flat. After that, it gets a little more hilly, but there are no mountain passes.

Today's stage first goes along Fv17, up to Skaugvoll. Then you follow FV 838.  We can promise a great cycling experience and here you need to make time for a few stops along the way.

There are a couple of beautiful sandy beaches along the way if you feel like taking a dip. The first comes just north of Ørnes and is a great sandy beach with a view towards the entrance to Ørnes. The other is in Storvik (large sandy beach, close to a grocery store and a built-up rest area).

On the border between Meløy and Gildeskål is the impressive rest area Ureddplassen. As part of the National Tourist Route, this rest area has been the subject of a significant upgrade. British press has called this the world's most beautiful public  toilet(!). Take a break here and enjoy the view.

Between Ureddplassen and Storvika you will come to FOGG's outlet. Two enterprising sisters have started production of high-end clothing inspired by the Arctic.

Once you arrive at the Inndyr municipal centre, you enter Eddastua, a cozy Nordlandshus close to the centre. You will also be served dinner here.

Day 6. Tuesday.  Inndyr - Saltstraumen

Today's cycling stage is the toughest of the trip, with steep climbs towards the end of the trip. Here, it is important to allocate both time and energy. The trip is a total of 68 km.

It is only 5 km from Inndyr to Sund ferry terminal, where you take a ferry (5 min) over to Horsdal on Sandhornøy. On the way to the ferry, you pass the old church of Gildeskål. Outside the medieval church, there is a cemetery that is worth visiting. Here you will find some wonderful inscriptions on some of the graves (inscripted in Norwegian).

The ferry from Horsdal leaves at 09.00, 11.00 and 15.00 on this day.

You cycle over beautiful Sandhornøy and should stop at the Elias Blix cafe, which is located at the birthplace of the author/poet/priest.

In the very north of the island, at Følvika, you can take a  2-3 km detour to experience Langsanden, which is a 2 km long sandy beach. Great place for a break and maybe eat your packed lunch.

You cycle over the Sandhornøy bridge and come back onto Fv17. You may also choose to follow Fv474 until the YX station at Nygårdssjøen. Here the counter slopes begin; in the course of around four kilometres, you will climb 367 metres. It then descends correspondingly all the way to the end of today's stage - Saltstraumen.

Saltstraumen is the world's strongest tidal current, and best experienced if you are there at the right time. Check the tide table.

A visit to the Saltstraumen museum is recommended.

In Saltstraumen you stay at the Saltstraumen hotel, where you also have dinner in the evening. The hotel has a great spa department, which can be tempting after a long bike ride. It is a short walk from the hotel down to the tidal current.


Day 7. Wednesday.  Saltstraumen - Bodø

It is just 30 km to cycle from Saltstraumen to the center of Bodø and most of the journey is along walking and cycling paths.

The bicycles are delivered in the center of Bodø between 14.00-15.00.

Take the time to visit one of the many great museums in Bodø or take a swim in Bodø Spektrum, which is located close to the airport and the Norwegian Aviation Museum. In addition to the Norwegian Aviation Museum, a visit to the Jekt Trade Museum (which is also located near the airport), is recommended. The airport in Bodø is very close to the city center.

Prices and contents

Price per person in a double room NOK. 10,950

Price addition single room NOK. 2,940

The price includes:
Baggage transport
6 overnight stays
6 breakfasts
4 dinners
Self-made packed lunch/lunch all days except the last day.
Minibus to and from Svartisen on day 3 and through the Svartis tunnel on day 4.
Normal bike with panniers and helmet. Including repair kit, hoses etc.
Full tour program with map and descriptions of the tour.

The price does not include:
The journey to and from Bodø
Speedboat from Bodø to Ørnes (price approx. NOK 351 - 50% discount on courtesy ticket)
Any meals not described as included
Boat shuttle to and from Svartisen (NOK 200 per person)

Possible add-ons:
Glacier hiking on Svartisen NOK 1800 per person.
RIB transport and hiking to Rødøyløva NOK 1250 per person.
Two-hour kayak trip in Glomfjord with a guide NOK 990 per person.
Electric bicycle NOK 1910.

If you have any questions, you can contact us at post@kystriksveien.no or
call +47 74 40 17 17.