7 days bike trip in the Svartisen area

Join us on an adventurous bike ride in the northern part of the coastal road, here referred to as the Svartisen area. This tour lasts seven days, and starts and ends in Bodø. With the exception of the last two days, where you return to Bodø, it is equal to the 5-day cycle tour.

For seven days you are close to the mighty nature in Bodø and Meløy. Here you can explore the wonderful mountain Glomfjellet, join a glacier hike on Svartisen or a summit hike to Rødøyløva. At the end of the tour, you get to experience Saltstraumen, which is the world's strongest whirlpool.

You cycle on your own, without a guide, but your luggage is transported for you. Meløy Adventure is your local host that arranges the experiences you want to participate in. On this tour, our partner is Opplev Nord AS in Bodø, which, among other things, ensures the delivery of quality bicycles.

If you have any questions, you can contact us at post@kystriksveien.no or call +47 74 40 17 17.

Oversiktsbilde over Glomfjord
Syklister foran Glomfjord Kraftverk
Foto: Carl Filip Olsson

Day 1. Thursday. Bodø – Glomfjord

In the afternoon, you will embark on an express boat from Bodø at 16:15. The boat will make stops at various locations, including the picturesque island of Støtt, before reaching Ørnes at 17:45. Upon arrival in Ørnes, you will be provided with a fully equipped bike, complete with bags and all the necessary tools for your cycling adventure (including a hose and a tool kit). Your luggage will be transported from Ørnes to Glomfjord.

The first leg of the tour will take you from Ørnes to Glomfjord, spanning 20 kilometers along the scenic Kystriksveien (Fv17).

You will check in at Gulbrakka, a charming accommodation nestled in the heart of Glomfjorden. The double rooms are newly refurbished, although they do not have private bathrooms. However, you will have access to shared living spaces, a kitchen, and a sauna. Outside, you can unwind in a hammock and relax after an eventful day.

There are several enticing options for shorter bicycle excursions. You can visit the old power plant in the heart of Glomfjorden, famous for its role in Operation Musketoon during World War II. Alternatively, you can cycle to the center of Glomfjord and explore the remnants of the old industrial site, which was once envisioned to become a bustling city in the early 20th century.

In the evening, enjoy a delightful dinner, followed by a brief overview of the experiences planned for the following day.

Storglomvassammen med bil i forgrunnen
Syklist på Glomfjellet

Day 2. Friday.

Exploring Glomfjellet and the Option for a Kayak Adventure

On this day, we dedicate our time to the captivating wonders of Glomfjellet. The cycling route covers a distance of 24 kilometers, including some moderate climbs, providing the perfect opportunity to fully enjoy the experience of riding an electric bike.

At the summit of Glomfjellet, you'll encounter the impressive Glomvassdammen, the world's largest stone-filled dam. This monumental structure stands as a testament to the significant power development in the area. Moreover, it serves as a gateway to two national parks, offering breathtaking natural landscapes. Glomfjellet beckons you to explore its trails, with marked routes available for both shorter and longer hikes. During the bike ride to Glomfjellet, a local guide will accompany you. If you wish to extend your adventure with a mountain hike, you are welcome to do so on your own.

Later in the afternoon or evening, you have the option to partake in a kayaking excursion just below Gulbrakka. Led by a skilled guide, this two-hour trip provides a unique opportunity to immerse yourself in the serene waters. No previous experience or wet card is required to participate in this adventure. Throughout the journey, the guide will share intriguing stories about the Glomfjord industrial site, adding a captivating narrative to the experience. The excursion is not included, but can be ordered as an addition to the package.

In the evening, you gather for dinner at Gulbrakka. You will take part in the cooking process, as all the necessary ingredients are readily available, ensuring a delightful and interactive dining experience.

Skyssbåten Isprins over til Svartisen
Foto: Reinhard Pantke
Turgåere til Svartisen
Foto: Andres Duran

Day 3. Saturday.

Experience the enchantment of Svartisen and step into a bygone era

You will be transported by minibus to Holandsvika, where you will board MS Isprins and be taken over to Svartisen. The crossing of the Holandsfjord takes only ten minutes and is a memorable experience in itself.

During this day, you have the freedom to choose your own adventure. Opt to join the glacier hike (additional fee) or explore the area at your own pace, venturing towards the majestic ice formations. As you make your way from the quay to the glacier, you'll find Cafe Brestua, a perfect starting point for various hiking trails.

The guided glacier hike on Svartisen is a moderately challenging excursion, with a leisurely pace that allows most participants to complete it successfully. For those seeking an added thrill, basic ice climbing can be included. This extraordinary journey typically lasts around 8 hours, with approximately 2-3 hours spent on the ice. Being in good physical condition is advantageous.

As the evening approaches, we return from Svartisen and savor a delightful dinner at Myrvoll Kulturgård. A visit to this cultural farm is like stepping back a century in time, offering a glimpse into the past. Additionally, an art gallery on the premises adds a touch of creativity to the experience.

Afterward, we return to Gulbrakka, where the option of a relaxing sauna awaits those interested.

Utsikt fra Rødøyløva
Turgåere på vei opp Rødøyløva

Alternative Tour: Rødøya Excursion by RIB

For those seeking an alternative adventure, we offer an exhilarating RIB trip to Rødøya. Prepare yourself for an unforgettable experience as you have the option to embark on a journey to the summit of Rødøyløva, one of the most breathtaking viewpoints along the Helgeland coast.

Our departure from Ørnes is scheduled for 10:00, where you will be provided with a warm flotation suit and a life jacket for the RIB excursion. We recommend bringing a small bag with refreshments, snacks, a lightweight fleece, and a windproof jacket.

The RIB boat trip itself is expected to take approximately 50 minutes each way, offering thrilling moments and stunning coastal views.

Upon reaching Rødøya, our experienced boat driver will provide you with detailed information on what to bring during the five hours you have at your disposal.

An impressive Sherpa staircase, recently constructed, will guide you to the summit at 443 meters. From this vantage point, you'll be treated to awe-inspiring panoramas of the entire Helgeland coast, the vast expanse of the Svartisen glacier plateau, and, weather permitting, even glimpses of the majestic Lofoten Islands.

Before returning, consider treating yourself to a delicious lunch at Klokkergården, enhancing your overall experience and satiating your appetite.

Please note that this alternative tour requires separate booking and may offer a different perspective on the stunning beauty of the region.

Syklister i Glomfjord
Foto: Carl Filip Olsson
Midnattssol ved Ureddplassen mellom Meløy og Gildeskål

Day 4. Sunday. Glomfjord – Vassdalsvik – Ørnes

Scenic Bike Ride and Optional Detours

Prepare for an electrifying day of cycling as we embark on a longer journey covering 48 kilometers. Our day begins with a car transfer through the Svartis tunnel, where cycling is not permitted for safety reasons. From there, the cycling tour follows the picturesque Holandsfjorden, leading us almost to Halsa. Continuing along Fv 452 towards Vassdalsvik, you will board a ferry to Ørnes.

While this route features some hilly terrain, fear not, as the electric bikes will effortlessly carry you through the journey. As you cycle along the beautiful Holand and Bjærang fjords, you will be treated to magnificent views of the majestic Svartisen glacier. Along the way, you will pass by the striking Varde sculpture, a noteworthy highlight within the Nordland Sculpture Landscape.

Throughout the day, various opportunities for detours await. Consider taking a ferry trip to Ågskardet to enjoy lunch at Råkkhuset, an authentic American Diner. Alternatively, extend your cycling adventure by taking a detour towards Grønnøy and Åmnøy, exploring more of the stunning surroundings.

As the day comes to a close, you will check in at Ørnes Hotel, conveniently located near the express boat quay, ferry terminal, and bus center. Adjacent to the hotel, you'll find the historic Ørnes Old Trading Post, adding a touch of local charm to your stay.

For those eager to continue cycling, seize the opportunity to embark on a serene ride north along Fv 17 - Kystriksveien. This flat stretch offers uninterrupted views of the sea throughout the entire journey. Along the border between Meløy and Gildeskål, you'll encounter the remarkable Ureddplassen, a designated rest area and an ideal spot to witness the mesmerizing midnight sun. This round trip spans approximately 26 kilometers.

Day 5. Monday. Ørnes – Inndyr 

The cycling route for the day takes you from Ørnes to Inndyr in Gildeskål, covering a distance of 42 km. The initial part of the journey, up to Storvik, follows the scenic coastline and is relatively flat. As you continue, the terrain becomes slightly more undulating, but there are no mountain passes to tackle.

This stage offers a fantastic cycling experience, and it's worth taking the time for a few stops along the way. You'll encounter a couple of beautiful sandy beaches where you can take a refreshing swim. The first beach is located just north of Ørnes, offering a picturesque view of the inlet. The second beach is in Storvik, featuring a large sandy shoreline and conveniently situated near a grocery store and a well-equipped rest area.

As you approach the boundary between Meløy and Gildeskål, you'll come across the impressive Ureddplassen rest area. Renovated as part of the National Tourist Route, this rest area has garnered attention from the British press, being hailed as the world's most beautiful public restroom. Take a moment to pause here and enjoy the breathtaking view.

Between Ureddplassen and Storvika, you'll encounter FOGG's outlet, where two entrepreneurial sisters have established a clothing production business specializing in high-end Arctic-inspired garments.

Upon reaching the municipal center of Inndyr, you'll be welcomed into Eddastua, a charming Nordlandshus. Dinner will be served here, providing a cozy and satisfying end to the day's cycling adventure.

Day 6. Tuesday.  Inndyr - Saltstraumen

Today's cycling stage presents the most challenging terrain of the entire trip, with steep climbs towards the latter part of the route. It is crucial to allocate sufficient time and energy for this leg, as it covers a total distance of 68 km.

From Inndyr, it's only a short 5 km ride to the Sund ferry terminal, where you'll board a ferry (5 min) to Horsdal on Sandhornøy. Along the way, you'll pass the historic Gildeskål church, which is accompanied by a cemetery worth visiting. Some of the graves feature captivating inscriptions in Norwegian.

The ferry from Horsdal departs at 09.00, 11.00, and 15.00 on this day.

As you cycle across the scenic Sandhornøy, be sure to make a stop at Elias Blix cafe, situated at the birthplace of the renowned author, poet, and priest.

At Følvika, located in the northern part of the island, you have the option to take a detour of 2-3 km to experience Langsanden, a magnificent 2 km-long sandy beach. It's an ideal spot to take a break and perhaps enjoy your packed lunch.

After crossing the Sandhornøy bridge, you'll rejoin Fv17. Alternatively, you can choose to follow Fv474 until the YX station at Nygårdssjøen. From there, a challenging ascent of 367 meters awaits over a distance of approximately four kilometers. The road then descends correspondingly until you reach the end of today's stage, Saltstraumen.

Saltstraumen is the world's strongest tidal current, and best experienced if you are there at the right time. Check the tide table.

A visit to the Saltstraumen museum is highly recommended.

For your stay in Saltstraumen, accommodation is arranged at the Saltstraumen hotel, where you'll also enjoy a delightful dinner. The hotel features a nice spa department, offering an enticing option to unwind after a long day of cycling. It's just a short walk from the hotel down to observe the powerful tidal current firsthand.


Day 7. Wednesday.  Saltstraumen - Bodø

The distance from Saltstraumen to the city center of Bodø is a manageable 30 km, with the majority of the route following dedicated walking and cycling paths.

Bicycles will be conveniently delivered in the center of Bodø between 14:00-15:00.

While in Bodø, take the opportunity to explore the diverse range of exceptional museums the city has to offer. Consider visiting the renowned Norwegian Aviation Museum, located near the airport, to delve into the fascinating world of aviation history. Another worthwhile museum to visit is the Jekt Trade Museum, situated in close proximity to the airport. Both museums provide captivating insights into their respective subjects.

For those seeking a refreshing break, Bodø Spektrum offers the chance to take a swim. This facility is conveniently located near both the airport and the Norwegian Aviation Museum. With the airport being situated in close proximity to the city center, it is easily accessible for exploration and onward travel.

Prices and contents

Price per person in a double room NOK. 10,950

Price addition single room NOK. 2,940

The price includes:
Baggage transport
6 overnight stays
6 breakfasts
4 dinners
Self-made packed lunch/lunch all days except the last day.
Minibus to and from Svartisen on day 3 and through the Svartis tunnel on day 4.
Normal bike with panniers and helmet. Including repair kit, hoses etc.
Full tour program with map and descriptions of the tour.

The price does not include:
The journey to and from Bodø
Speedboat from Bodø to Ørnes (price approx. NOK 351 - 50% discount on courtesy ticket)
Any meals not described as included
Boat shuttle to and from Svartisen (NOK 200 per person)

Possible add-ons:
Glacier hiking on Svartisen NOK 1800 per person.
RIB transport and hiking to Rødøyløva NOK 1250 per person.
Two-hour kayak trip in Glomfjord with a guide NOK 990 per person.
Electric bicycle NOK 1910.

If you have any questions, you can contact us at post@kystriksveien.no or
call +47 74 40 17 17.