Cycle tour Kystriksveien from Bodø to Steinkjer

Organized as a single trip from 16 - 27 August. Capacity for 20 people. 9 spots available per 10.February. 

This cycle tour starts in Bodø and continues south along the Kystriksveien to Steinkjer. This is a trip for you if you would like an active and somewhat more challenging holiday, but who at the same time appreciate a comfortable and safe journey. On this trip you will feel well taken care of. A guide follows the group all the way and always cycles at the back. In addition, we have a companion car transporting the luggage, and is never far away in the event of an accident. Both guides have a lot of cycling experience and have cycled in many countries. They also know Kystriksveien well, and they will help you get the best possible trip.

Who is the trip suitable for:
You should been used to longer bike rides and have some experience, but you don't need to be in super shape. The stages are 60-87 km per day. We drive your luggage and it is possible to cycle an electric bike.

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Day 1. Wednesday 16 August. Bodø – Saltstraumen

Length: 30 km

The trip starts from Bodø Airport. Here the tour guides meet you with bicycles, and transport your luggage to Saltstraumen. Departure from Bodø Airport at 14.00 (you can show up from 12.00).

The cycle ride from Bodø to Saltstraumen is short and runs along a cycle/pedestrian path all the way to Tverlandet.

Once we arrive in Saltstraumen, we check in at Saltstraumen hotel, where we have dinner in the evening.

Saltstraumen is the world's strongest tidal current, and this day we get to experience it up close.

Feel free to plan your arrival in Bodø as early as possible so you can visit the Norwegian Aviation Museum or the Jekt Trade Museum. Both are close to the airport. Perhaps you choose to arrive the day before, to get more time in Bodø.

Volleyball på Langsanden i Gildeskål

Day 2. Thursday 17 August. Saltstraumen – Ørnes

Length: 79 km

This day we will cycle all the way to Ørnes, via Sandhornøy. It is a long stage and especially the first part from Sandnessjøen to Kjøpsvik is demanding with steep climbs. Therefore, we are taken by bus to Kjøpsvik and start the cycle stage there.

We cycle across beautiful Sandhornøy. If the weather is nice, it might be tempting to take a detour to Langsanden, a two-km-long sandy beach in the far north of the island. Fancy a fresh dip?

We stop at the Elias Blix cafe before taking the ferry from Horsdal to Sund.

On the trip towards Inndyr, we visit the medieval church Gildeskål Gamle kirke. Here there are some cheeky inscriptions on some of the gravestones which bear witness to Northern Norwegian humor and self-irony.

The cycle ride further to Ørnes goes along the sea and we make a stop at Ureddplassen. The rest area has exciting architecture (claimed to be the world's most beautiful outdoors by British press) and is beautifully situated. Then just enjoy the rest of the trip to Reipå and Ørnes.

Once we arrive at Ørnes, we check in at Ørnes Hotell. On this day, dinner is not included in the package and you decide when and where you want to eat.

Båthavn i Aldersundet
Foto: Reinhard Pantke

Day 3. Friday 18 August. Ørnes – Lovund

Length: 83 km

The day starts with a ferry ride from Ørnes to Vassdalsvik. We cycle along the Bjærang fjord and along the way we see the sculpture Varde, which is part of the Nordland Sculpture Landscape. After 30 km we arrive at Forøy where we take the ferry over to Ågskardet. The next stage goes to Jektvik and on the way you pass the mountain Blokktinden, which is 1032 meters high.

On the ferry trip from Jektvik to Kilboghamn, which lasts one hour, we pass the Arctic Circle. The final stage continues south to Stokkvågen. Halfway through the trip, we cycle through beautiful Aldersundet and pass Grønsvik coastal fort.

The ferry trip out to Lovund takes a couple of hours and if the weather is nice you can enjoy the voyage on deck. Once we arrive at Lovund, we spend the night at the Lovund hotel. We will stay here for two nights.

Lovund Hotell

Day 4. Saturday 19 August. Lovund

Length:  0 km

Lovund is an exciting island and an island community a little out of the ordinary. On the island there is no unemployment, no emigration and the average age of the population is only 30 years. This is mainly due to the successful aquaculture industry here. The island is also known for its large puffin colony.

Here are plenty of opportunities to go on short or longer walks, or just relax and enjoy the day off.

You can also use the day to take a day trip to the neighboring island of Træna.

Day 5. Sunday 20 August. Lovund – Sandnessjøen

Length : 66.5 km

After breakfast we take the ferry to Stokkvågen and continue south along Kystriksveien. The cycle ride to Nesna is a total of 66.5 km and along the way we pass Sjonfjellet mountain.

Once we arrive at Nesna, we board the expressboat that will take us to Sandnessjøen. Should you be tempted to cycle all the way to Sandnessjøen, you must take the ferry from Nesna to Levang and cycle 30 km.

Syklister på tur på Herøy
Syklister nyter drikke på brygge

Day 6. Monday 21 August. Sandnessjøen – Dønna – Herøy – Forvik

Length: 60 km

We set out for the islands of Dønna and Herøy. Here we get a great view of the mountain range De Syv Søstre (the seven sisters). The ferry goes from the center of Sandnessjøen to Bjørn at Dønna. The cycling trip to Herøy is considered perhaps the most beautiful cycling stage along the Kystriksveien.

We cycle to the idyllic place of Seløy for lunch and visit the flower shop Etcetera a little further south on Herøy, before taking the ferry back to the mainland.

On the trip to Tjøtta you visit the Petter Dass museum and the International War Cemetery at Tjøtta.

Once we arrive at Forvik, we split up between two different accommodations that are only one km apart. In the evening we have a joint meal where we get to taste the traditional dish Boknafisk. We also visit the exciting coffee roastery at Handelsstedet Forvik.

Turgåere på vei opp Vegatrappa

Day 7. Tuesday 22 August. Forvik - Vega - Torghatten

Number of kilometers: 73

After breakfast, we cycle from Forvik to Anddalsvåg, where we take the ferry over to Horn. This first stage is flat and nice.

From Horn we take the ferry out to the world heritage site Vega. Here we visit the Vega World Heritage Center and climb the Vega stairs.

In the afternoon we take an expressboat over to Brønnøysund and cycle out to Torghatten. Here we spend the night and have dinner at Torgarhaugen.

Hullet gjennom fjellet Torghatten

Day 8. Wednesday 23 August. Torghatten – Vik in Sømna

Length: 50 km

We start the day with a trip up the Torghatten hole. We walk through the hole and around the mountain, before we get on the bike. There are many ferries and boat connections on this trip, but this day is completely ferry- and boat-free. We first cycle to Brønnøysund, where we spend som time on our own. There is time for both lunch and a cafe visit.

Then we cycle further south along Kystriksveien to Sømna. We spend the night at Sømna Kro and Gjestegård in Vik in Sømna.

Unik geologi på Leka
Leka. Foto: Leif Rune Jensen

Day 9. Thursday 24 August. Vik in Sømna – Leka

Number of kilometers: 87

We will visit the last island of this trip, Leka. This island stands out from all the other islands along the coast with its very special geology. Before the day is over, we will have cycled through the interior of the earth.

The first stage runs along Kystriksveien until Vennesund. Here we take the ferry over to Holm. Then begins a slightly hilly stage up to Kjelleidet where we take off from Fv17 and head towards Leka. We see the mighty Heilhornet mountain towering 1,070 meters above sea level.

The ferry from Gutvik takes us over to Leka. At first glance, Leka will not look so different from other places along the coast. It is not until we reach the west side that we understand why this is Norway's Geological National Monument.

In the evening we take a bike ride around the island and look at the red and yellow mountains.

Here we stay at Leka Brygge, where we also have dinner in the evening.

Kystmuseet i Rørvik - Norveg. Foto: Steinar Johansen
Kystmuseet i Rørvik - Norveg. Foto

Day 10. Friday 25 August Leka – Rørvik

Number of kilometers: 80

We take the ferry back to Gutvik and continue the cycle tour. We follow a road with little traffic (751) and after just over 7 miles we arrive at the coastal town of Rørvik.

When we cycle over the Nærøysund bridge, the landscape opens up as we cycle above the ship berth. In the center of Rørvik is the coastal museum Norveg. The modern museum building is designed like a sail and invites us in to get to know the coastal history over 10,000 years better.

We spend the night at Kysthotellet Rørvik.

Brygger i Namsos

Day 11. Saturday 26 August Rørvik – Namsos

Number of kilometers: 82

We follow Fv769 along the coast down towards Namsos. Along the way we take the ferry from Hofles to Lund. There are some steep inclines, but you can shorten the leg by taking the speedboat all or part of the route.

Utsikt fra verdens største hagestol på Oftenåsen i Steinkjer

Day 12. Sunday 27 August. Namsos - Steinkjer

Number of kilometers: 82

The trip's last leg goes along the Kystriksveien from Namsos to Brønnøysund. We follow some minor roads along the way and stop at Lensmannsgården, which is roughly halfway along the trip.

Once you arrive in Steinkjer, you can take the train on to Trondheim Airport Værnes or Trondheim.

Tour duration:

The trip lasts 12 days / 11 nights. Start between 12 and 15 from Bodø Airport on Wednesday 16 August. The trip ends in the afternoon in Steinkjer on Sunday 27 August.

The journey to and from:

Both Norwegian, Widerøe and SAS fly to Bodø. You can also take a train to Bodø.

From Steinkjer there is a train (approx. once an hour) to Trondheim Airport Værnes.

Who is the trip suitable for:

You should have been on a bike tour before and have some experience, but you don't need to be in super shape. The stages are 60-87 km per day. We drive your luggage and it is possible to ride an electric bike.

On board the escort car we have a couple of extra bikes, various bike tools and snacks.

What is included:

Included on this trip are 11 overnight stays with breakfast. You can book a single room at an additional cost. Also included are 11 self-made lunch food packages that are prepared at breakfast. 11 Dinners.
Transport ferries and speedboats on the entire trip, from Bodø to Steinkjer. Water/juice along the way and simple snacks.

What comes in addition:

Drinks. Boat to and from Træna if you want to travel there. Possibly not part of the cycle route, for example boat from Lovund to Træna or from Leka to Rørvik.

Bicycles can be rented from us.  Two bags and a helmet are included. You are welcome to bring your own bike, helmet and bag.


Per person in a double room NOK 27,800

Single room supplement NOK 6,400

Rental of an ordinary hybrid bicycle NOK. 3,600

Electric bike rental NOK 5,800