Cycle tour Kystriksveien from Bodø to Steinkjer

Organized cycling trip from August 20 to September 1. Capacity for 20 people. (fully booked)

Join us on a captivating cycling adventure from Bodø to Steinkjer along the scenic Kystriksveien coastal route. This tour is ideal for those of you seeking an active and moderately challenging holiday, while also valuing comfort and safety. Throughout the journey, you can expect exceptional care and support; a knowledgeable guide accompanies the group, cycling at the rear, ensuring everyone's well-being. Additionally, a support vehicle is readily available to transport luggage and provide assistance in case of any unforeseen circumstances. Both guides possess extensive cycling experience, having explored numerous countries. They are well-acquainted with the Kystriksveien route and will go the extra mile to ensure you have an unforgettable trip.

Who is the trip suitable for:
This tour is ideal for individuals who are accustomed to longer bike rides and possess some cycling experience, although you don't need to be in peak physical condition. The daily stages range from 50 to 87 km. Your luggage will be transported for you, and there is an option to use an electric bike.

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Arrival day, August 20

There will not be a shared program this day, but everyone will be staying at the same hotel in Bodø. An evening meal is served at the hotel (included in the package).  We will be staying at Clarion Collection Hotell Grand Bodø which has a great location in the centre of Bodø.

We urge you to explore the town and some of its fine museums.


Day 1: Bodø to Saltstraumen

Distance: 30 km

The tour guide will provide you with bicycles and handle the transportation of luggage to Saltstraumen.

The cycling route from Bodø to Saltstraumen is relatively short and follows a dedicated cycle and pedestrian path all the way to Tverlandet.

Upon reaching Saltstraumen, we will check in at the Saltstraumen Hotel, where we will enjoy dinner in the evening.

Witness the world's strongest tidal current

Saltstraumen is known for having the world's strongest tidal current, and today we will have the opportunity to witness it up close.

Volleyball på Langsanden i Gildeskål

Day 2:  Saltstraumen to Ørnes

Distance: 79 km

This day's cycling route will take us all the way to Ørnes, passing through Sandhornøy. It's a long stage, and the initial part from Sandnessjøen to Kjøpstad involves challenging climbs. To make it more manageable, we will be transported by bus to Kjøpsvik, where we will begin the cycling stage.

Beach life on the sandy shores

Our route takes us across the picturesque Sandhornøy. If the weather permits, you may consider taking a detour to Langsanden, a stunning two-kilometer-long sandy beach in the northern part of the island. It's a perfect spot for a refreshing dip if you're up for it.

Before boarding the ferry from Horsdal to Sund, we'll make a stop at the Elias Blix cafe to recharge.

Grave humor: Embracing the afterlife with a twist of self-irony

As we make our way towards Inndyr, we'll visit the medieval Gildeskål Gamle kirke (Gildeskål Old Church). You'll be entertained by the humorous and self-ironic inscriptions (in Norwegian) found on some of the gravestones, showcasing the wit of Northern Norwegians.

Architectural elegance meets scenic serenity

Continuing along the coast, we'll make a stop at Ureddplassen, a rest area known for its remarkable architecture (British press has bestowed upon it the prestigious title of the world's most exquisite al fresco lavatory!). Take a moment to soak in the scenic surroundings before completing the journey to Reipå and Ørnes.

Upon arrival in Ørnes, we'll check in at Ørnes Hotell. Please note that dinner is not included in the package for this day, giving you the freedom to choose when and where you'd like to have your meal.

Båthavn i Aldersundet
Foto: Reinhard Pantke

Day 3: Ørnes to Lovund

Distance: 83 km

Our day begins with a scenic ferry ride from Ørnes to Vassdalsvik. As we embark on our cycling journey, we will be treated to stunning views along the Bjærang fjord. Along the way, we'll have the opportunity to admire the sculpture Varde, which is part of the Nordland Sculpture Landscape. After covering approximately 30 km, we'll reach Forøy, where we'll board another ferry to Ågskardet.

Crossing the Arctic Circle

The next leg of our adventure takes us to Jektvik, with the magnificent Blokktinden mountain towering at an impressive 1032 meters in the distance. During the one-hour ferry crossing from Jektvik to Kilboghamn, we'll have the privilege of passing the Arctic Circle. As we continue our southward journey, we'll pedal through the charming village of Stokkvågen, with a delightful stop at Aldersundet, a picturesque strait, and a chance to catch a glimpse of the Grønsvik coastal fort.

Venture to the island of Lovund

Our final boat ride to Lovund will lallow us to savor the experience and soak up the natural beauty from the deck, weather permitting. Upon our arrival at Lovund, we will settle in for a two-night stay at the lovely Lovund Hotel.

Prepare to be captivated by the charm and tranquility of this island paradise.

Lovund Hotell

Day 4:  Lovund

Distance:  0 km

Lovund is an extraordinary island with a vibrant sense of community. What sets this island apart is its remarkable lack of unemployment and emigration, while boasting an average population age of only 30 years. The thriving aquaculture industry is primarily responsible for this achievement. Additionally, Lovund is renowned for its vast puffin colony, adding to its allure.

Indulge in serenity and scenic hikes

During our stay on Lovund, there will be ample opportunities to embark on invigorating walks, whether it be a leisurely stroll or a more extensive hike. Alternatively, you can simply unwind and relish in a well-deserved day off, taking in the island's serene ambiance.

Day 5:  Lovund to Sandnessjøen

Distance : 66.5 km

Following a hearty breakfast, we set off on a scenic ferry journey from Lovund to Stokkvågen, marking the beginning of our southbound journey along the captivating Kystriksveien. This leg of the cycling adventure spans a total distance of 66.5 km, treating us to breathtaking vistas and showcasing notable landmarks such as the majestic Sjonfjellet mountain.

Upon reaching Nesna, we transition to the next mode of transport by boarding an express boat that will swiftly carry us to Sandnessjøen. For those seeking an additional challenge and wishing to pedal the entire way to Sandnessjøen, an alternative option is available. By taking the ferry from Nesna to Levang, you can cover an additional 30 km of picturesque terrain on your bicycle. The choice is yours to make based on your preferences and energy levels.

Syklister på tur på Herøy
Syklister nyter drikke på brygge

Day 6:  Sandnessjøen – Dønna – Herøy – Forvik

Distance: 60 km

We set off to explore the captivating islands of Dønna and Herøy, where we are greeted with stunning vistas of the majestic De Syv Søstre mountain range. Departing from the heart of Sandnessjøen, our ferry ride takes us to Bjørn on Dønna, setting the stage for an unforgettable cycling adventure.

Pedal through idyllic island landscapes

The cycling route to Herøy is renowned as one of the most scenic stages along the Kystriksveien, offering unparalleled natural beauty at every turn. We pause for a delightful lunch in the idyllic setting of Seløy and make a visit to the charming flower shop, Etcetera, further south on Herøy. Our journey continues as we board the ferry back to the mainland.

War memorials, Java jolts, and Boknafisk bliss

En route to Tjøtta, we seize the opportunity to explore the Petter Dass Museum and pay our respects at the International War Cemetery. Arriving at Forvik, we find our accommodation divided between two options, conveniently located just one kilometer apart. In the evening, we gather for a communal meal, savoring the traditional delicacy of Boknafisk. Additionally, we will visit the coffee roastery at Handelsstedet Forvik, adding another layer of enjoyment to our day's adventures.

Turgåere på vei opp Vegatrappa

Day 7:  Forvik - Vega - Torghatten

Distance: 73 km

After a satisfying breakfast, we embark on a cycling adventure from Forvik to Anddalsvåg, where we board a scenic ferry to Horn. This initial leg of the journey is pleasantly flat and enjoyable.

World heritage and treasured staircases

Upon reaching Horn, we continue our voyage by ferry to the esteemed Vega World Heritage site. Here, we explore the Vega World Heritage Center and ascend the famous Vega stairs for a beautiful view.

In the afternoon, we board an express boat to Brønnøysund and cycle towards the iconic Torghatten landmark. We settle in for the night at Torghatten and indulge in a delightful dinner at Torgarhaugen.

Hullet gjennom fjellet Torghatten

Day 8. Torghatten – Vik in Sømna

Length: 50 km

Through the hole and into the heart of Brønnøysund

We start the day with a trip up the Torghatten hole. We walk through the hole and around the mountain, before we get on the bike. There are many ferries and boat connections on this trip, but this day is completely ferry- and boat-free. We first cycle to Brønnøysund, where we spend som time on our own. There is time for both lunch and a cafe visit.

Then we cycle further south along Kystriksveien to Sømna. We spend the night at Sømna Kro and Gjestegård in Vik in Sømna.

Unik geologi på Leka
Leka. Foto: Leif Rune Jensen

Day 9: From Vik in Sømna to Leka

Distance: 87 km

We conclude our island-hopping adventure with a visit to the remarkable island of Leka, which stands apart from the rest along the coast due to its unique geology. Before the day is done, we will have traversed through the earth's mesmerizing interior.

Our journey commences along the scenic Kystriksveien until we reach Vennesund. From there, we embark on a ferry crossing to Holm, setting the stage for a mildly undulating route towards Kjelleidet. As we veer off from Fv17, we make our way towards Leka, with the majestic Heilhornet mountain majestically towering 1,070 meters above sea level.

Unearthing the geological wonders of Leka

A ferry ride from Gutvik transports us to the alluring island of Leka. While the initial glimpse may not reveal the island's distinctive features, it is upon reaching its western side that we truly grasp why it holds the esteemed title of Norway's Geological National Monument.

In the evening, we embark on a scenic bike ride around the island, marveling at its striking red and yellow mountains.

Our accommodations for the night are at Leka Brygge, where a delightful dinner awaits us.

Kystmuseet i Rørvik - Norveg. Foto: Steinar Johansen
Kystmuseet i Rørvik - Norveg. Foto

Day 10:  From Leka to Rørvik

Distance: 80 km

After our ferry journey back to Gutvik, we resume our cycling adventure. Our route takes us along the tranquil road 751, where traffic is scarce. After a pleasant ride of just over 70 km, we reach the picturesque coastal town of Rørvik.

10,000 years of evolving aquaculture

As we cycle across the Nærøysund bridge, the landscape unfolds before us, revealing a  view of the bustling ship berth below. At the heart of Rørvik, we find the interesting Norveg coastal museum. Its modern architectural design, reminiscent of a sail, beckons us to delve into the rich coastal history spanning over 10,000 years.

For our overnight stay, we have the pleasure of experiencing the comfortable accommodations of Kysthotellet Rørvik.

Brygger i Namsos

Day 11: Rørvik to Namsos

Distance: 82 km

We continue our journey along the scenic Fv769, tracing the coastline as we make our way towards Namsos. En route, we get a refreshing ferry ride from Hofles to Lund. While some sections of the route feature steep inclines, you have the option to shorten the leg by utilizing the convenient speedboat service, allowing you to customize your cycling experience to your preference.

Utsikt fra verdens største hagestol på Oftenåsen i Steinkjer

Day 12: September 1 - Namsos to Steinkjer

Distance: 82 km

The final stretch of the journey takes us along the scenic Kystriksveien from Namsos to Steinkjer. We meander along charming minor roads. As we progress, we make a stop at the Lensmannsgården café, which is located approximately halfway along the trip.

Upon reaching Steinkjer, you have the option to continue your travels by train to either Trondheim Airport Værnes or the city of Trondheim. We will meet at Kystriksveien Info Center in Steinkjer for a snack and there will be possible to take a shower at a nearby hotel.

Tour duration:

The tour spans over 13 days (including arrival day) and 12 nights. It concludes in the afternoon in Steinkjer on Sunday, September 1.

Traveling to and from: Bodø can be reached by flights from Norwegian, Widerøe, and SAS. Alternatively, you can opt for a train journey to Bodø.

From Steinkjer, there is a train service (approximately once an hour) to Trondheim Airport Værnes.

Who is the trip suitable for:

This tour is ideal for individuals who have prior experience with bike tours and possess some cycling proficiency, although exceptional fitness is not a prerequisite. The daily stages range from 60 to 87 km. We take care of transporting your luggage, and electric bikes are available for those who prefer them.

The escorting car will bring additional bikes, a selection of bike tools, and snacks for your convenience.

What is included:

This trip includes 12 nights of accommodation with breakfast and supper provided. Additionally, we provide 12 self-prepared lunch packages that can be assembled during breakfast. Dinner is also included for all 12 nights.
Along the way, water and juice will be available, along with simple snacks to keep you refreshed.

Tickets for all ferries and speedboats are included in the trip. You don't need to worry about purchasing separate tickets as they are already covered.

Admission to three museums is included.

Not included, and available at an additional cost:

  • Drinks: Beverages other than water and juice are not included in the package and can be purchased separately.
  • Bicycle rental: If you choose to rent a bicycle from us, there will be an additional fee. The rental includes two bags and a helmet. Alternatively, you can bring your own bike, helmet, and bag at no extra cost


Per person in a double room NOK 29 750

Single room addition NOK 6,600

Rental of an ordinary hybrid bicycle NOK. 3,600

Electric bike rental NOK 5,800