Torghatten - the mountain with the hole through it

Torghatten, and its distinctive hole going clear through the mountain is widely known, both here in Norway and internationally. The saga tells us that it was the Horseman’s arrow (Hestmannen is the Norwegian name of the mountain) that created the hole, whereas geologists have ascertained that it was ice erosion that carved out the impressive hole. Nowadays, it is very easy to bike or drive to Torghatten from Brønnøysund.

This hole, which is 160 metres long, 35 metres high, and 20 metres wide, was created during the Ice Age.

Ice and water laboriously eroded away at the loose rock sediment whereas the harder rock types of the upper part of the mountain withstood these forces.

Parking/access: Parking at Torghatten Camping – separate, maintained parking before you arrive at the parking area. Follow the signs from Brønnøysund city centre - 12 km out to "Torget".

Level of difficulty/map: Basic walk, but steep incline. No map required. 15-20 minutes up.

Ways of experiencing Torghatten

There are numerous ways to experience Torghatten; here are some suggestions.

Bicycle Tour to Torghatten

The bicycle tour out to Torghatten is highly recommended. It is a basic trip (approx. 15 km each way, i.e. about 2,5 total hours of biking), and goes through a varied and beautiful landscape. Allow about 3-4 hours total, including a walk up to the hole.

Norsk havbrukssenter har omvisninger hele året.
Norsk havbrukssenter har omvisninger hele året.

On your way out to Torghatten, you pass by Norwegian Aquaculture Centre. We recommend stopping here and taking a guided tour of a modern seafood farming facility. Daily tours at scheduled times. Well suited for families.

Bicycle Rentals: Bicycle rentals are available at the Tourist Office in Brønnøysund. Visitors arriving by air can choose to have their rental bikes delivered to the airport, as this an all other options are selected when booking your bicycle rental.

Lodging and dining near Torghatten

Torghatten Camping and Strand Restaurant and Torgarhaugen bed & Breakfast is located at the foot of Torghatten Mountain. The Camping facility offers cabins with ready-made beds (including cleaning), and a fine dining restaurant.