Food experiences along Kystriksveien

Along Kystriksveien you can come across some exceptional restaurants. In particular, there is a concentration of outstanding food experiences in and around Brønnøysund, but also on islands such as Vega, Lovund and Myken.

You should also try local specialities. On Helgeland, boknafisk (semi-dried fish) is a signature dish, one which you can enjoy at the old trading place at Forvik, for instance. In Salten, further north, you should give møsbrømlefse a chance! This is a thin pastry soakes with a sweet sauce and served folded. Oh, and would you like to taste the best fish soup in the world? Now is your chance; several places claim to have this on the menu!

Below we present some of our recommendations for those of you who are looking for dining experiences with that something extra along Kystriksveien.

Svang restaurant


Strandrestauranten ved Torghatten Camping

Torghatten Strandrestaurant

Restaurant Sagastua ved Hildurs Urterarium

Sagastua Restaurant

Vega Havhotell

Vega Havhotell

Boknafisk ved Handelsstedet Forvik

Handelsstedet Forvik

Lovund rorbuhotell. Foto: Hans Petter Sørensen

Lovund Hotell

Fiskebruket restaurant på Myken


Ferdig whisky fra Myken destilleri

Myken destillery