The seven sisters mounatin range

Being one of Kystriksveiens most popular natural attractions, the seven sisters mountain range offer spectacular views. Marked trails lead to each peak and between them.

Skjæringen 1037 m.a.s.l (+ Tvillingene)

Difficulty: Average - considered the easiest of the peaks. Suitable for families.
Combination: Many take all the 3 peaks on this trip (Skjæringen + Tvillingene).
Duration: 4-5 hours round trip. A little bit more time if you choose Tvillingene.
Map/labelling: Well marked trail.
Parking: Parking at Markvoll - see separate map. 4.7 km from Søvik, and 5.5 from Fv17 north. Exit from Fv17- good sign is posted.

The trips up to Skjæringen and Tvillingene are identical from start up to Aksla (see map) at 762 meters. When you stand on Markvoll, Skjæringen is to the left (or straight) and Tvillingene to the right. The trail goes right in between the peaks. From Markvoll you walk about 500 m through a farm yard and a sheep pasture before you reach the foot of the mountain.

You follow the river up to the left and up about 250 meters, both you and the river turn to the left. Steady climb up to Aksla at 762 meters now you continue to Skjæringen by first proceeding northeast in the direction of Aksla (the opposite direction leads you towards Tvillingene). At 915 meters the trail turns more towards the top itself.

Important information and helpful tips and advice:

  • Wear sturdy footwear, the mountain is smooth and slippery when it rains.
  • Remember the mountain code - report where you are going.
    Bring windproof clothing - it can be cold up high.
  • Do not carry too large back pack, and if you are hiking up several of the peaks, remember that you don't have to carry bags up some of the peaks. Applies to Tvillingene, Botnkrona, Kvasstinden.