Torgarhaugen Bed & Breakfast

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  • Torgarhaugen AS
  • Torgarhaugen AS
  • Torgarhaugen AS

Bed & Breakfast
Torgarhaugen offers 11 rooms with private bathroom and shower / toilet, and comfortable beds with fiber-filled duvets and pillows (hypoallergenic). Two of the rooms are handicap accessible. The rooms include bed linen and can be booked with or without breakfast.

On the ground floor where the rooms are located there is a kitchen that can be used by guests. There are also cutlery (glasses, cups and dishes, etc.). Free WIFI is included in the price.

Check in out of season
Torgarhaugen's reception has limited opening hours outside the main season and then uses an online system for booking, payment, check-in and check-out.

Code lock is used for access to the main entrance and room. Codes are sent out automatically via SMS / email. The code can be used at the main entrance and in your room throughout your stay.

Booking is via Torgarhaugen's website.

Café / restaurant
The café at Torgarhaugen serves lunch and dinner, cakes and drinks and is open every day all year round. During the summer season, there are extended opening hours. See websites or facebook for more information about opening hours. All food is prepared / baked in a separate kitchen on Torgarhaugen. On the spacious outdoor terrace you can sit and enjoy a cup of coffee or a refreshment, with a great view of the Torgfjord.

Experience the Torghatten hole
Torgarhaugen is located by one of the biggest attractions along Kystriksveien -  the Torghatten hole. The trip up to the hole is only 15-20 minutes and is well worth the experience. It is also possible to go on longer walks in the area.