Day to day itinerary

Every Monday to Saturday between June 10 - August 31.

Tour leader and driver will be Knut Erling Wedul on the 10 first trips.  Frode Lindberg (manager  Kystriksveien Reiseliv) will be the tour guide on the last two trips in August.

Hullet gjennom fjellet Torghatten

Dag 1. Monday (28 km) Brønnøysund

You will be handed your bike outside Thon Brønnøysund Hotel, where you will spend the night until Tuesday.

On Monday you cycle out to the mountain Torghatten (28 km roundtrip ). Nice and easy bike ride. The walk up to Torghatten is a memorable experience. The trip is best if you continue through the hole and around the mountain.

In the evening you have dinner anywhere in Brønnøysund.

Turgåere på vei opp Vegatrappa

Day 2. Tuesday (27 km)

At 9 a.m everyone gathers for an information meeting at Thon Brønnøysund Hotel. After which we take the boat from Brønnøysund to Vega. We arrive at Rørøy at Vega and cycle to the Vega World Heritage Center and on to the Vega stairs.

In the evening we enjoy a 5-course dinner (included in the package) at Vega Havhotell, where we also spend the night.

The island Vega is well suited for a longer cycle ride if you would like that.

Syklister på tur på Herøy
Turgåer på Åkvikfjellet på Dønna

Day 3. Wednesday (25 km)

After breakfast you cycle to Gardsøy, where the speedboat takes you to the island of Herøy. This is a beautiful boat trip, giving you an impression of the vast archipelago.

You come ashore at Flostad on Herøy. Herøy is a paradise for cyclists with its flat landscape and numerous bridges connecting the many islands. Surrounding mountains tower on the horizon.

On this day, we are making changes to the program compared to previous years. We will continue on to Brasøy, where we will spend the evening and night at Havkanten Guesthouse.

Glade syklister på Herøy

Day 4. Thursday (39 km)

After breakfast we will go on a two hours boat trip to visit the island Sandsundvær and to explore the magnificent archipelago.

After the boat trip we will cycle 5 km and then take the ferry back to Flostad.  From there we will head towards Donna.  We will make a short detour to Seløy to visit the old school where you can buy a tasty pizza or just a good cup of coffee.

Check in at hotel Scandic Syv Søstre, which is located right in the center of Sandnessjøen.

Syklister nyter drikke på brygge

Day 5. Friday (39 km)

This day you cycle along the mountain range De Syv Søstre towards Tjøtta. We like to make a stop at the Petter Dass museum, which we pass halfway through the trip. The International War Cemetery at Tjøtta is also worth a visit.

We take the ferry from Tjøtta to Forvik,  where we visit the coffee distillery at the old trading post Handelsstedet Forvik.

Half of the group spend the night here, while the restwill stay at Vevelstad Gjestegård, which is nearby.

In the evening we have a joint dinner at Handelsstedet Forvik. Here we get to taste the northern Norwegian specialty Boknafisk.

Middagsgjester i Sagastua restaurant ved Hildurs Urterarium

Day 6. Saturday (33 km)

On the last day of the trip, we cycle along Kystriksveien Fv17 from Forvik to Brønnøysund. Along the way there is a ferry from Anddalsvåg to Horn.

We stop at Hildur's Urterarium, where there are opportunities to buy lunch and look at the herb garden.

It is possible to extend the stay by one night. You can then either spend the night at Hildur's Urterarium in beautiful rooms (without private bathroom/wc) and with a 5-course dinner in the evening. Or you can spend the night at Thon Brønnøysund Hotell.