Ferries and express boats along Kystriksveien

There are several ferry crossings along Kystriksveien. Just along the main road Fv17 between Bodø and Steinkjer, there are six ferry crossings. Reservations are not possible, so show up well in advance.

Hurtigbåt langs Kystriksveien

By ferry

Along Kystriksveien itself (Fv 17) there are six ferries We recommend not including too many ferries on one day's leg. The crossing time is between 10 and 60 minutes.

Updated routes for ferries, fast boats and other public transport can be found at www.atb.no (Trøndelag) and www.reisnordland.no (Nordland).

The catering offer on board varies. Please note that not all ferry crossings have food service.

During the high season (July), it is best to arrive at least 30 minutes prior to departure time.

The majority of ferries free of charge

Four out of six ferries are now free, in addition to several of the island ferries. The two exceptions along Fv17 are Holm-Vennesund and Levang-Nesna. You can find a price overview of all ferries on this page.

Payment and discounts

Most of the remaining ferries use Autopass as a payment method. The exception is Lund-Hofles along Fv 769, where the staff handles payment. You get a 50% discount on the ferries with an advance agreement through Autopassferje. If you do not have an Autopass chip or advance ferry agreement, but do not wish to pay via invoice, you can create a profile and register your payment card through Ferrypay.

By boat

You may find all express boat schedules for Nordland (the northern part of Kystriksveien) at www.reisnordland.no

Find information on the express boat from Namsos, to Rørvik and Leka at www.atb.no