Ferries and Expressboats along Kystriksveien

There are several ferry crossings along Kystriksveien. Just along the main road Fv17 between Bodø and Steinkjer, there are six ferry crossings. Reservations are not possible. You will probably find the ferry trips a pleasant experience.

Hurtigbåt langs Kystriksveien

By ferry

During the high season (July), it is best to arrive at least 30 minutes prior to departure time.

You will find updated timetables at reisnordland.no.

By boat

You may find all express boat schedules for Nordland (the northern part of Kystriksveien) at www.reisnordland.no

Find information on the express boat from Namsos, to Rørvik and Leka on www.fosennamsos.no

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