This place has it all - nature is lush and generous and there is an historical aura over the island of Dønna. You will come across inland nature with woods, wetlands and high mountains, as well as typical coastal nature with bare islets and reefs. Rent a bike or bring your own, and try island hopping, perhaps combined with a hike on Dønnesfjellet to enjoy the midnight sun. On the island there still remains proof of many events from the past. Dønnes Church and Dønnes Farm are highly recommended places to pay a visit.

Dønna is a short ferry ride from Sandnessjøen. The island is also served by express boat to and from Bodø, Nesna and Sandnessjøen. Another possibility is to take the ferry from Søvik in Alstadhaug to Silvalen on Herøy. You drive or bike through Herøy's coastal landscape, over impressive but partly narrow bridges, and further through a nice hilly landscape to Dønna. There are several nice places to stop to admire the beautiful scenery along the way .

A popular attraction is the 858 meters high Dønnamannen on the south side of Dønna. From the top, Dønnamannen offers  unique views to a number of distinctive islands on the Helgeland coast, such as Vega, Lovund and Træna. There is a marked path all the way to the top. The municipality center at Dønna is called Solfjellsjøen, and the ferry place is Bjørn.

Attractions on Dønna

Mektige Dønnamannen: Foto: Inge Ove Tysnes

Mount Dønnamannen tour suggestion

Mount Dønnamannen tour suggestion Difficulty level: Challenging, suitable for experienced hikers Time: 4-6 hours for the return trip Map/signposting: Well-marked trail, map not required Elevation: 0 to 858 metres above sea level Starting points: The starting point of the route is at the west-side of the island. Hiking experience in steep terrain is an advantage. …

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Dønna Museum

Dønna Museum

Nordvika old trade post is located on the island Dønna along the coast of Helgeland, and represents one of the old North Norwegian trading places. A cosy stop while visiting the island Dønna, just a short ferry trip from Sandnessjøen.

3 Kalver - Restaurant/Cafe on Dønna

3 Kalver - Restaurant/Cafe on Dønna

The farm cafe 3 Kalver (3 calfs) on the island Dønna serves food base don local traditions and with local produce. The meny is adjusted according to the season, but there is always a good chance for fish on the meny.

Dønnes Church

Dønnes Church

Dønne's church at Dønna on the Helgeland coast has been named Northern Norway's most beautiful church. Here is Norway's most numerous mausoleum. The church is located close to Dønnes Gård. A tour of the church is something you should do while visiting Dønna.

Accommodation on Dønna

Dønnes farm

Dønnes farm

North on the island Dønna lies this historic farm. Once a powerful farm, today a pleasant place for accommodation with 800 years of history. Norway's first tractor was being used precisely here in 1908. The farm has its own farmshop.

Brygga Dønna

Brygga Dønna Book

Welcome to Brygga Dønna! This is in an area with great bird life and good fishing. On the island Dønna. Only 25 min. by ferry and 10 min by car from Sandnessjøen. A perfect place from where you can explore both the islands Herøy and Dønna.

Dønna Rorbuer Bøteriet

Dønna Rorbuer Bøteriet Book

Idyllically situated at Åkerøy in Dønna. 20 min by car from the ferry dock Bjørn, 30 min by ferry from Sandnessjøen. Accommodation and restaurant as well as great fishing.