Høylandet is best known for being the venue for the Norwegian humor festival which takes place every other year. Høylandet is a living agricultural community in the centre of the Namdal region, and is located along Kystriksveien just 14 km from highway E6 in Grong.The 75-metre water fall Grongstad-fossen nearby is an impressive sight when the water level is high.

Høylandet church is home to a reproduction of the 12th century tapestry Høylandsteppet, a rare preserved piece of Norwegian medieval church artwork. The original is at the science museum (Vitenskapsmuseet) in Trondheim.

In addition, the covered bridge Hammer Bru is a rare cultural monument. It is one of the longest remaining covered bridges in the world. North of the town centre you will find several rest areas around the wetlands. The viewing tower is excellent for bird watching.

The area is home to over 200 fishing lakes and salmon rivers. For cyclists there are cycling maps with many marked routes. There are marked walking trails starting from the main road, known as ”hållingtopp” walks. Ice fishing in the winter and cheap char and trout fishing. Fishing permits and boat hire available from petrol stations and camp sites.