Trøndelag’s northernmost municipality Leka is designated as Norway’s Geological National Monument. The red serpentine mountains and the special geology makes this island one of Norway’s most beautiful and most distinctive. Join us on a journey into the Earth’s interior.

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Join us on a journey into the Earth’s interior

What in the world could be going through your mind, as you stand there and gaze upon a landscape consisting of granite in hues of grey, red and yellow ? The history of Leka’s geology began more than 500 million years ago, and involves continents colliding and an island that was tilted over on its side. This incurred in such a manner that you can now trace the layers upward along the oceanic crust all the way to the Earth’s interior.

Leka. Foto: Ole Hamnes

50 marked hiking trails

At Leka you'll find 50 marked hiking trails. Hiking map is sold at Leka Motell and in the shops.

Foto: Kristin Floa

Attractions in Leka

Leka roundtrip by bike

Leka roundtrip by bike

Leka roundtrip is an easily biked roundtrip. The route follows then main road on Leka, around the island. On this trip, the route is done in a clockwise direction.

Accommodation in Leka

Leka Brygge

Leka Brygge

Leka Brygge is located at the island Leka in Nord Trøndelag. They offer 13 high standard self-catering apartments and 6 brand new fishermans`s cabins by the sea. One bedrooms, 2 - 5 people. Boat- bike and kayak rental.

Leka Motel and Camping

Leka Motel and Camping

Stone cottages and caravan spaces with panorama views. Motel rooms and high standard family apartments. Spacious rental boats with windscreens and roofs (15 to 230 HP 4-cycle motors).

Leka Hytte

Leka Hytte Book

Leka Hytter offers accommodation in two large and modern high-standard cabins with views of the fjord and Heilhornet mountain.