Steinkjer is the southernmost point along Kystriksveien and is located just 120 km north of Trondheim. It is the county capital of Trøndelag. The city is built on historical ground, as this was a powercenter in the viking era.

The coastalroute begins in Steinkjer, on the inner part of the Trondheim fjord. Here you can hike up to Oftenåsen and take a seat in the world’s largest garden chair, while enjoying the panoramic views of the city, fjord and the distant mountains. A half-hour drive from the city centre you may visit the Bølareinen petroglyph, dating 6000 years back.

Most of the city centre was reconstructed after the bombing raids during the second World War, and is characterized by the functional architecture from the 1950s and 1960s. An example is the Steinkjer church (1965), which is a landmark in the cityscape.

Steinkjer is the administrative centre of Trøndelag county, and is the southernmost point along Kystriksveien. Steinkjer is often called the village town and when you come to Steinkjer from the south you will see the characteristic agricultural landscape that characterizes the Innherred region. The municipality is large and from the center to the outer boundary of the municipality it is 40 km.

Just north of the center is Egge, which was once a center of power in the Viking era in Norway. Calf Arnasson from the chief farm at Egge was leader of the peasant army that went against Olav Haraldsson in the battle of Stiklestad in 1030.

Every other year, a viking festival is held at Egge. The festival is a family event that draws thousands of visitors. There are also two annual music festivals in Steinkjer; the folk music festival Hilmar festival in November and the rock festival, Steinkjerfestivalen, which takes place in June.

As a centre of commerce, Steinkjer attracts shoppers from a large surrounding area. Here you will find both a charming downtown with a few eateries, cafes and shops, and a larger shopping mall with over 100 stores.

The tourist office / Kystriksveien Info-Centre is centrally located along E6, near the bus and railway station and the shopping centre. Here you can get advice and tips for your trip along both the Kystriksveien coastal route and various experiences and activities in Innherred.

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Accommodation in Steinkjer

Quality Hotel Grand, Steinkjer

Quality Hotel Grand, Steinkjer


Quality Hotel Grand is centrally located in Steinkjer, with all shopping and service opportunities close by. The hotel has single and double rooms with bathrooms, plus suites. Conference facilities with various meeting rooms of high standard, maximum capacity 400 persons.

Egge museum

Egge museum

Egge museum is located just north of Steinkjer center, in a landscape with cultural monuments and traces of the entire man-made history. Get an insight into the interwar Steinkjer, 100 years of tractor history and the Viking history of Egge farm. Children can take part in activities and greet the animals in the yard.