33 nautical miles off the coast of Helgeland, lies the islands of Træna. This is Norway's oldest fishing community and one of it's smallest municipalities. Every summer the island truly comes to life as the internationally known music festival multiply its population tenfold.

Should you visit Træna, the experience will probably linger in your mind for a long time. A vibrant community welcomes you with open arms year-round. Træna is the country's oldest fishing community. Here you will find shops, a school, café, accommodation, dining and a  museum.

It takes 1.5 hours by speedboat from the mainland (Stokkvågen) to Træna. The travel time by ferry is about 3 hours.

Husøy is the main island, where most of the islanders reside. Sanna is the island known for the iconic mountains, with Trænstaven stretching 338 meters above sea level.

Did you know that Træna has its own Hawaii - with chalky white beaches, but also historically there is a link with Hawaii. Read more at

Attractions in Træna

Accommodation in Træna

Træna Overnatting (Accommodation)

Træna Overnatting (Accommodation)

Træna Overnatting is Træna's newest accommodation, with newly refurbished rooms and good service. The property is centrally located on the island, just a couple hundred meters from the quay and shop.

How to get to Træna

Day trips to Træna

With Trænaruta and Nordlandsekspressen, you can take a day trip to Træna or Lovund every Wednesday or Friday. One then travels with Trænaruta at 1100 from Sandnessjøen (1130 from Nesna).You arrive in Træna  at 1335. At 1855 you hop on Trænaruta again and take it down to Onøy (arrival 2020). Here you hop on the Nordland Express, which takes you the last bit down to Sandnessjøen or Nesna.

Even though Træna Island is far out in the ocean, the island is easily accessible from both the south and the north - whether you come via Bodø or Sandnessjøen. If you come by car, the route junction on the mainland is Stokkvågen, about an hour from Mo I Rana (70 km), and about 2 hours (100km + a ferry) north of Sandnessjøen.

From Sandnessjøen / Stokkvågen by speedboat: The train route goes Sandnessjøen - Træna, and includes Nesna, Stokkvågen, Lovund on the way. On Wednesdays and Fridays it is possible with a day trip to Træna, combined with the Nordland Express.

From Bodø by speedboat: The Nordland Express runs between Bodø and Sandnessjøen daily, and if you are going to Træna, hop on in Onøy, and take the Trænaruta up to Træna. Late arrival.

Ferry from Stokkvågen (FV 17).