Bike trip Gildeskål: 2 days

On this tour, starting at the municipal centre of Inndyr, you can experience the archipelago in Gildeskål. The tour includes Sørarnøy, Nordarnøy and Sandhornøy.

Tour description

Accommodation: We recommend staying the night at Heimsjyen (Tel: +47 981 04 183) in Inndyr. Here you can also rent bikes if you need to (advance booking required).

NOTE! The tour can be done with departures from Inndyr on Monday through Friday.

Day 1. Inndyr – Nordarnøy (Approx. 10 km)

Start the day with a visit to Gildeskål Old Church. A guided tour here is an experience in itself and many visitors will be surprised by the peculiar inscriptions on some of the headstones in the cemetery. Back at Inndyr, you can learn more about aquaculture and go down into the dry centre of a circular aquarium with salmon all around you at Salmon Centre Gildeskål.

Eat lunch at Heimsjyen or eat outdoors at the beautiful Øya/Langholmen landscape protection area in Inndyr. Here you can wander along the tidal rocks in an area with considerable botanical values.

Then take the express boat from Inndyr at 4:05 pm and arrive at Sørarnøy at 4:25 pm. You will bike from Sørarnøy over to Nordarnøy and stay the night at Arnøy Brygge (4 km) (Tel: +47 926 74 000).

In the evening, you might want to take a walk to Nordarnøy coastal fortress, a German fortress from WWII, and built in 1941/42. The site features 3 original 15 cm canons and there is a guard tower, bunkers and ruins from the camp area.

Day 2. Nordarnøy – Sandhornøy – Inndyr

On Sandhornøy Island, there is the shop, gallery and café called Øy & Ørken (Tel: +47 930 40 829). Drop by here before you head toward Sandhornøy. You can either travel via express boat ( to Våg or take the ferry to Horsdal ( Pay attention to details in the timetables, especially with regard to which days the various routes are in service.

Today’s destination is the 2-km long sandy beach at Sandviksanden which is surely one of the largest sand beaches you have seen in Norway. The massive SALT art project was held here in 2014 and 2015.

There is a grocery shop on Våg where you can get provisions for the day. Lunch outdoors at Sandviksanden is recommended. If you would prefer to have your food served and you like long biking legs, you can go to Fjordbua (Tel: +47 75 75 70 65), which is located east of Sandhornøy bridge.

Horsdal – Sandviksanden: 17.5 km
Våg – Sandviksanden: 13.4 km
Sandviksanden – Fjordbua: 16.5 km

Return back to Inndyr the same way by ferry from Hordal to Sund.

Lodging at Heimsjyen (Tel: +47 981 04 183).