Bodø – Svartisen by bike (5 or 6 days)

The bike tour goes to Saltstraumen and continues to Gildeskål with lofty mountains and long sandy beaches while ending up at Norway’s second largest glacier, Svartisen. This is a bike tour with daily legs of up to 60 km and the variations in elevation make this a fairly demanding route. You can also combine biking with use of a rental car.

Tour description

Day 1. Bodø – Kjellingstraumen (64 km or 34 km)

Saltstraumen, the world’s strongest maelstrom, is located midway along this leg from Bodø to Kjellingstraumen. You also have the option of starting your bike tour here. The distance of this leg will then only be 33 km. In this case, you take the bus from Bodø city centre to Saltstraumen (Bus timetables:

We recommend checking the tide tables for Saltstraumen to have the best possible experience. See:

The bike tour from Bodø to Saltstraumen goes along foot and bike paths as far as Tverlandet. from there, you follow the posted signs along the old highway from the Esso station.

The stretch from Saltstraumen to Kjellingstraumen consists of some challenging hills, as well as a number of tunnels. Remember to wear reflective vests and use the lights on the bike. Lunch packs, water and a change of clothes are recommended.

Along the way on your tour, you will enjoy splendid views toward Børvasstindan and you will bike along Valnesvatnet Lake. A wonderful nature-based experience. Toward the end of the tour (after 25.5 km), you will reach a petrol station with a convenience shop and waffles hot off the griddle.

Lodging at Kjellingstraumen Fjordcamp (Tel: +47 75 75 71 11). The campground is located on the south side of the bridge. A cosy little campground situated at an old south Sami settlement site. 4 km further along, at Sandhornøy bridge, lies the Fjordbua Inn (Tel: +47 75 75 70 65).

Day 2. Kjellingstraumen – Inndyr (38 km)

Follow Fv17 south and turn off after 4 km toward Sandhornøy. A cosy little café called Fjordbua is located just ahead of the bridge over to Sandhornøy.

The bike tour around Sandhornøy Island is 28 km. We recommend a detour to the 2-km long “tropical beach” at Sandviksanden (locally called Langsand). The detour is only 6 km round-trip. It was on this beach that the SALT art project was held in 2014-2015. There are nice restroom facilities here. This is surely one of Norway’s most beautiful beaches.

On the way toward Horsdal, you arrive at the birthplace of Elias Blix (1836-1902). The ferry from Horsdal to Sund does not have frequent trips so it is wise to plan your bike tour based on the ferry timetables.

The final leg is only 5.5 km and along the way you will pass by the Gildeskål church site with Gildeskål Old Church. A guided tour in the old medieval church is highly recommended. The best time for such a visit is perhaps on the following morning.

Recommended evening tour to Langholmen landscape protection area, just near Inndyr city centre. Here you can see orchids and other botanical rarities.

Lodging with breakfast at Heimsjyen (Tel: +47 981 04 183) at Inndyr.

Day 3. Inndyr – Ørnes (42 km)

After a good breakfast and perhaps a visit at Gildeskål Old Church, your bike tour continues toward Ørnes.

We also recommend a visit to the Salmon Centre Gildeskål, located in Inndyr. Here you can go down into a large aquarium with salmon swimming around you on all sides. This leg is a ferry-free route and there are a number of recommended stops – all along fv17.

First stop: The Forgotten Town. This artwork is part of Skulpturlandskap Nordland. The Thai House is situated nearby; a Buddhist temple as well as a south Sami hut.

A bit further south, you arrive at Storvika. A nice beach with a landscaped rest area and local shop. From here to Ørnes, the tour goes along the coastal ocean and you soon arrive at Grensen with the Uredd Memorial rest area. A favourite spot from which to enjoy the Midnight Sun and great views.

Lodging at Ørnes Hotel (Tel: +47 75 75 45 99) or Reipå Camping (Tel. +47 95 48 19 53), 10 km north of Ørnes.

Day 4. Ørnes – Svartisen (38 km)

Take the ferry from Ørnes to Vassdalsvik ( Biking through Svartis Tunnel is forbidden. The ride from Vassdalsvik goes to Engavågen and continues along the beautiful Bjærang Fjord, where you will see Meløy’s contribution to the art project, Skulpturlandskap Nordland.

The bike tour from Vassdalsvik to Holandsvika is 38 km. Here you take the boat over to Svartisen.

Lodging: Cabins at Brestua (Tel: +47 980 05 005) at Svartisen, Engen Farm (Tel: +47 918 13 084) at Svartisen. Alternative: Furøy Camping (Tel: +47 941 91 315) at Halsa.

Day 5. Svartisen (14 km)

Excursion Svartisen. You may opt to experience Svartisen on your own. The best to do this is to follow the waymarked trail from Brestua to the edge of the ice. The first part of this route goes along a road and the last part is across rocky slopes with a slight ascent.

For anyone who really wants to experience Svartisen, we recommend a glacial walk with a guide. This trip takes about 4 hours incl. transport to and from Brestua. If you are arriving by boat the same day, select the departure from Holandsvika at 11:15 am. Following your glacial walk, you will be back at Holandsvika at about 6:00 pm. The guided glacial walk must be booked minimum one day in advance.

Your day ends with a short bike ride (14 km) to Furøy Camping (Tel: +47 941 91 315).

Day 6. Kystriksveien south or return to Bodø

If you wish to return to Bodø on this day, you have the following options:
- Bus from Halsa (near Furøy):
- Express boat: You can board the Nordlandsekspressen at Grønøy in Meløy.
Furøy Camping - Grønøy: 30 km.
- The Coastal Express – Hurtigruten – from Ørnes . Furøy Camping – Vassdalsvik: 30 km + ferry to Ørnes

Alternative using a rental car to Svartisen from Ørnes

If you wish to shorten this tour and make it more comfortable, you can rent a car from Ørnes Hotel (Tel: +47 75 75 45 99) on day 4 and drive via Fv17 to Svartisen. We then recommend an extra overnight stay at Ørnes Hotel (Sixt Auto Rentals) and return to Bodø via the Coastal Express (Hurtigruten) or express boat (Nordlandsekspressen) from Ørnes the next morning.