Island hopping by bike in Mid - Norway

Experience Norway's most exciting and spectacular island - Leka, beautiful Abelvær, and the protected fishing village of Sør-Gjæslingan. In this suggested tour, which can be done in 4-6 days, you go from highlight to highlight along the Namdal Coast.

Tour description

The combination of express boat and bicycle make this a varied and exciting trip. The tour starts in Namsos on board the express boat Foldafjord to beautiful Abelvær. You cycle to the coastal town of Rørvik, where you may join exciting boat trips to Risværet and the largest fishing village south of the Lofoten Islands: Sør- Gjæslingan. The trip continues to the island of Leka - an island that cannot fully be described, but must be experienced.

Alternative itineraries: The trip can be done based on various alternative itineraries, ranging from 4-7 days.

Day 1: The trip to Namsos

You can take a bus from Trondheim Airport Værnes to Namsos - bus departs at 11:40 am on weekdays, and connects with the express boat from Namsos. You can also fly to Namsos Airport and have your bikes shipped there directly.

After arrival at Namsos, you retrieve your bikes (right away or at the agreed time), and you bike to your place of lodging.

Stay the night in Namsos

Day 2: Namsos - Abelvær

You will take the express boat to Abelvær at 11:45 am / 4:00 pm weekdays), and spend the first part of the day in Namsos. Take a trip to nearby Klompen mountain/ hill, or visit one of the museums.

Day 3: Abelvær - Rørvik - Leka: 38 km

The bicycle trip up to Rørvik is a great ride.

In Rørvik, you can visit the exhibitions at the Norveg Coastal Museum and learn about coastal history going 11,000 years back in time. In the summer season, you can take exciting boat trips in the archipelago to destinations such as the biggest fishing village south of the Lofoten Islands - Sør-Gjæslingan. In the afternoon/evening, you will take the express boat to the island of Leka.

Accommodation on Leka.

Day 4: Leka round-trip bike ride: 30 km

Leka is one of Norway's most spectacular islands, and the round-trip bike ride around Leka will be the trip's highlight for many visitors. Tour suggestion for the round trip.

Riding a bike on the western side of Leka is like coming to another planet - this is the only place in Norway where we can take a geological journey to the Earth's interior ! There are many great walks on Leka.

Accommodation on Leka

Day 5: Leka - Kolvereid: 53 km

You will take the ferry from Skei (Leka) to Gutvik and bike to Kolvereid. Slightly hilly terrain. Accommodation at Kolvereid Family Camping, or at Bakkalandet Hotel.

Day 6: Kolvereid - Namsos: 59 km

The road to Namsos is quite hilly and demanding, but goes through splendid nature. It is also possible to bike to Rørvik (22 km), and take the express boat down to Namsos (1:50 pm). This boat connects with the bus down to Værnes, which departs at 3:30 pm.



Season: May - October.
From: Namsos (Trondheim)
Duration: 4-7 days*
Boattrips: In July.

* The tour as described here is a 6-day trip, but it can be customized as needed.

Travel to Namsos

There are flights between Trondheim Airport (Værnes) and Namsos Airport via Widerøe. There are also flights from Rørvik and Mosjøen - from the north.

Good bus connections between Steinkjer and Namsos, connects with the train from Trondheim - Steinkjer. The bus from Steinkjer connects with the express boat for several of the scheduled departures.


Namsos Sykkelsenter rent out high quality touring bikes. In Namsos it is possible to pick up/return the bikes at the airport. It is also possible to arrange one - way - rental to other destinations up the coast - contact our tourist office.