Toursuggestion: Rødøyløva

There are daily passenger ferry departures (except on Sundays) at 6:45 from Sandnessjøen allowing you to stop at the island of Rødøy and climb the well known peak, Rødøyløva (return in the evening). Allow 3 - 4 hours for the hike – a nice trip for both young and old. Magnificent views – and a breathtaking 400 m vertical drop on one side !

Photo: Terje Rakke/

Rødøyløva: 443 m.a.s.l

Difficulty: Average - A bit steep at the top.
Duration: 3 - 4 hours round trip.
Map/labelling: Well marked trail.
Starting point: Klokkergården, or opposite side (see map)

Access Rødøy: Either as a day trip with the Nordland Express from Sandnessjøen in the morning, and the evening boat back again. Ferry from Kilboghamn/Jektvik, or fast boat in Rørdøy basin. No point in taking a car to Rødøy.

There are several marked trails up towards Rødøyløva. I myself enjoy most to walk up from the road just north of Klokkargården. The path takes you steeply up a hollow east of Selvågtinden at 216 metres. The latter is in itself a great viewpoint. I like this path because it takes me quickly high up.

After going inward slightly, the path takes you up to the left in the direction of Rødøyløva. A steady climb, which is slightly steep at the end, but this should not be a problem for either kids or adults. You are prepared for a sheer drop at the top, but most still receive a small shock when they look out over the top towards west.

There is not only a sheer drop of 400 m, but goes inward in some places. It is tempting to go out on the stone blocks here to get the best pictures, but be warned that this is unsafe!

To get down, I think it's best to go further south, by following the mountain in the lenghtwise direction.

There are many nice places to take a break and enjoy Rødøyløva.

Source: Inge Ove Tysnes