Tips and advice

Along Kystriksveien you will encounter many famous landmarks, such as Torghatten, De Syv Søstre (The Seven Sisters mountain range), Svartisen glacier and Saltstraumen (world’s strongest whirlpool).  While driving along this scenic road you can expect great nature and interesting small communities. You should visit some of the islands and maybe rent a bike. Most of all - travel slowly.

Active holiday

Those looking for an active holiday will find a variety of great hiking trails. The island Leka, which is a relatively small island, has over 50 marked trails. If you are not afraid of hights, mountains like De Syv Søstre, Dønnamannen and Heilhornet awaits you. A visit to the glacier Svartisen is done by foot to the glaciers edge, but is even a greater adventure if you join a guided glacier walk.

Island hopping

Most towns and some of the islands offer bike rental. Cycling on islands like Leka, Vega, Dønna and Herøy can be done in a few hours and the roads are fairly flat. Island hopping by bike is easy and there are no charge for bikes on the local boats and ferries.

You can buy the Travel Pass Nordland which allows free travel on boats  and buses in Nordland for one week for only NOK 1290 for adults and NOK 645 for children up to 16 years old. You can buy the pass on the first ride (bus or boat). Read more here.

The "Summer Boat" between Bodø and Sandnessjøen is a great way to explore the islands. Leave your car for a day or two and go island hopping. For more information see

Our Kystriksveien travel handbook is edited every year, and contains useful information about what to see, where to stay and where to eat.


There are 6 ferries along Kystriksveien (Fv17) between Steinkjer and Bodø, and several more if you wish to visit the islands.