Below the Arctic Circle you find the coastal municipality of Rødøy. On the ferry crossing between Kilboghamn and Jektvik, one crosses the Arctic Circle, marked with a globe. An extensive network of marked hiking trails makes the spectacular mountains and adventurous hiking areas of Rødøy easily accessible, both on the islands and on the mainland. Ferry and speedboat take you out to the islands.

Traveling through Rødøy is a journey in coastal culture. Selsøyvik Gamle Handelssted, a trading post from the 1770s, is still in operation and worth a visit. Myken is a small fishing community far out by the sea. Here you can spend the night at the old lighthouse, surrounded by the open ocean. At Nordnesøy there is a beach with unique limestones corroded by wind and weather for millennia.

At Rødøya you can visit the beautiful church from 1884. This is one of the largest churches in Nordland county, with room for 700 people. Watch the midnight sun from the peak of Rødøyløva (The Rødøy Lion). Below the mountain you will find the popular excursion area Storsanden with long, chalky white beaches.

Attractions in Rødøy

Rødøyløva: Foto: Terje Rakke www.nordnorge.com

Toursuggestion: Rødøyløva

Toursuggestion: Rødøyløva There are daily passenger ferry departures (except on Sundays) at 6:45 from Sandnessjøen allowing you to stop at the island of Rødøy and climb the well known peak, Rødøyløva (return in the evening). Allow 3 – 4 hours for the hike – a nice trip for both young and old. Magnificent views – …

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Fiskebruket is a restaurant in the floor above Myken Distillery in the old fishery.

Myken Destillery

Myken Destillery

In the traditional fishing village of Myken, 32 km from themainland, lies the world’s first Arctic whisky distillery.

A.Hansen - a modern

A.Hansen - a modern "trade post"

A.Hansen is a modern "trade post" situated on Vågaholmen in Rødøy. Here you will find a grocery store and much more. This is also a stop for the express boat going from Bodø to Sandnessejøen. From Vågaholmen you can reach many islands.

Accommodation in Rødøy

Svanereisers Villa Midnattsol

Svanereisers Villa Midnattsol


Villa Midtnattsol is located only 70 meters from the sea, just 11 km north of the Arctic Circle. This 4 bedroom house sleeps up to 8 people and is perfect for those interesting in fishing and nature walks.

Myken Apartments

Myken Apartments

Myken Apartments is located on the small charming fishing village of Myken, on the Helgeland coast in Rødøy municipality. The house has two fully equipped apartments, two family rooms and two double rooms.